Everyday makeup, in order of use:

1. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse: it's super soft when it touches the skin, and also like it when I want to look with more color, (Yes, I'm too pale) without exaggerating, it gives me a natural bronze tone. Sometimes it may turn kind of greasy, but just sometimes, maybe it depends of the skin mood.

2. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush: Maybe that's why I love this makeup brand, it's so soft on your face, like silk. This give me a natural color on my cheeks, like a blushing tone. Very girly.

3.Almay eye pencil: Basic eyeliner form Almay, I have always use this eye pencil. I'm not too demanding about this, so it's good for a basic look. Definitely a must have  to highlight my eyes. And you can also use the smudge tip to blend and get a soft and smoky  look. 

4. Maybelline Colossal Volume express: Three words, I LOVE IT. Since I cut my eyelashes when a was a silly 8 year old girl, who didn't know anything about the reason why God give the girls pretty long lashes. My eyelashes were never be the same, they never grew up as much as I used to have, so, have normal lashes, wasn't easy!, until I found this miracle for my babies. And I'm happy since then.

5. Almay Wake-up, hydrating make up/ SPF 13: at first it was weird to feel  that wet feeling on my face, but now it's normal, actually it's kind of a fresh feeling. It's not a matt tone but it looks good anyway.

6. Smackers: My favorite one!. I usually rather lip balms instead of lip gloss, I personally doesn't like the bright effect or the sticky of lip glosses, I kind of like more the matt and natural tones. But smackers do it for me, this lip glosses are perfect, they have delicious smells and flavors like vanilla ice cream =). And the most important it's not sticky so I don't feel the dust stuck on my lips.

So, what is your make up routine?