22: Just a number

He regresado al mundo Blogger, y ahora prometo ser constante, solo espero que el tiempo que el tiempo este de mi lado esta vez, desde que estoy terminando mi tesis de Universidad, no tengo el tiempo necesario, pero prometo no abandonarlo esta vez. Este blog es parte de mis resoluciones de Año Nuevo, así que a trabajar se ha dicho. Ademas de que iniciare con el reto de 365 fotos y algunas cosillas mas. Esta bien, se supone que el reto se lo hace en todo un año,y nadie ha dicho que se debe hacerlo desde el 1ro de Enero pero yo lo haré desde hoy, 25 - Ene - 2012 (Un día despues de mi cumpleaños), pues será interesante tener registro de mi vida a los 22. Así que a Divertirnos. Bienvenidos otra vez!

Como les dije, ayer fue mi cumpleaños, no pude haber pedido mas, fue un día muy especial, lleno de sorpresas. Una de ellas, MI NOVIO, si, mi novio, el esta estudiando en una ciudad diferente a la que ahora yo vivo, (ya les contare sobre eso lueguito). El llego en la noche y me invito a una cena muy romántica.=)
Aqui les dejo unas fotillos de mi Cumpleaños # 22.

I've returned to the blogging world, and now I promise to be consistent, I just hope time may be on my side this time, since I'm finishing my thesis of University, I don't have the time I'd like to, but I promise not to leave this again. This blog is part of my New Year's resolutions, so let's work on it (I'm being very enthusiastic).
In addition, I'm going to start with the challenge of 365 photos and a few other things. Okay, I know it is supposed to be a challenge for a completely year, but I think noone said that you must start on January 1st. So I decide to start from today, 25 - Jan - 2012 (One day after my birthday), and I will finish the next 25 - Jan - 2013. It will be interesting to keep track of my 22 life journal with you guys.
So have fun. And Welcome back!

As I said, yesterday was my birthday, I could not have asked for more, was a very special day full of surprises. One of them, my boyfriend, yes, I said my boyfriend, He's studying in a different city from where I live now, not too far (and that's a story that I will tell you soon).
He arrived at night and invited me to a pretty and romantic dinner.
Here I leave some pictures of my birthday # 22.

look of the day

me and my lovely cat..very animal print

the nicest view ever...

askin for my bday wish

my favorite dessert: crepe de frutas

My lovely boyfriend and I.. I love him <3

On our way to the surprise: La Estelita Resaturant

My breakfast: Pan de Yuca y Yougurt with my mom <3 she's the best


Elena said...

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Banana fish said...

I guess many of us made this kind of resolution. At least I did :)

Maybe we could work on it together? :)


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This is post is really cute and fun!!..
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Karmen said...

Re-bienvenida, y felicidades atrasadas :)


mojomade said...

awww very cute food !

Morgan xx

natalie said...

very sweet photos!


Aloe said...

Great photos! Lovely cat (it's eyes are amazing!) :)

Style and Trouble said...

I really love your personal stile and your blog! congratulation!

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Gaby said...

Feliz cumpleanos! Me encanta tu blog, gracias por visitar mi blog!