Insta - week

No,  I didn't go to the beach, I think everybody in my city went, but me and my family, and also my Boyfriend's family (they love to watch movies, more than any other pleasure in life).
So this is my life in summary, from instagram. 

1. Me lying on my mom's bed all day long
2. My new shoes (I absolutely love them)
3. The water balloons that we threw to the people.
4.We ate crabs, yummy 
5. If you are a religious person you must know that you have to go to the church for what we call MIERCOLES DE CENIZA and get this cross made with ash, it's a symbol of penance.
6. Best movie ever, in English it's ONE DAY, and I didn't like the way Anne Hathaway dies.


P.S. I'm going to a concert tonight!

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