My weekend

365 days challenge Day # 4 - Saturday

love my fluorescent shoes, don't you think they are lovelies??
I bought them in Argentina =)

I really needed this, I'm not the kind of girl that lives in beauty saloon, but once in while it's nice to spoil my feet, after all, they work so hard isn't it?

I couldn't forget my hands, and I really wanted to have the Mini Mouse bow in my nails, cause we are going to Miami this week, so I wanted to feel the excitement already! lucky me =)

                                 this is how my Mini Mouse bow looks like! love them

At night,  my friends and I leave for some food, to a new brand restaurant in my city, had a really nice time, chillin' with them

Me and my boyfriend <3

Day# 5:   Sunday 

My floral shoes, for a sunny sunday!

My bday gifts from my friends, a Julieta agenda and some cutie socks for those cold nights!

Me and my brother in law... with pretty hats! we went to a San Antonio, a place where people make wood crafts! wonderful.

Espero que disfruten y les deseo un buen inicio de semana, suerte!
Que la fuerza les acompaƱe 

Hope you enjoy it, and I wish you all a great week. Good luck!
Let the force be with you

With love 



Rachel said...

I love the colour on your first pair of shoes!

Tamina said...

Thanks for stopping by :-) if you like to follow each other then just follow me via gfc,bloglovin or Facebook and I'll follow you back kisses

Aloe said...

Shoes on first photo are awesome! I love them:) And your nails... so cute!

anita said...

Glad you like my shoes!! I love them too.
and thanks for your visit
have a nice day girls!